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Voice Actor Random Demo Voice Actor Random Demo

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These all sound like the same voice with a slightly different tone. Also the audio quality is very fuzzy. The lack of enthusiasm in the voice doesn't suspend my belief.

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Cronizone responds:

At least you have critique skills.

I understand what you mean, I might pump out a new one soon but for right now i'm not worried about being "hired" by anyone, as of right now I have my own little group with friends and currently we're working on some cartoons. However I understand what you mean. However the audio? I didn't really seem to see anything wrong with it.

However, you can only get better.

Ain't it Funny How {durn} Ain't it Funny How {durn}

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This is what happens...

Whenever you smoke my weed you never can keep a beat.

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durn responds:

*shakefist* :)